Best VPN for China

The only way to stay connected with family and friends back home via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc. is to get a VPN. There’s no other way — all kinds of free proxies have been long blocked, and the GFW nazis have found their way around blocking VPN websites too. The only question that remains is: Which is the best VPN to use in China?

I’ve compared the three best VPN for China I’ve personally used below, hope this helps.


12VPN is the cheapest and best value-for-money VPN by far. I’m a big fan of 12VPN, as I’ve been using it since 2010 with no issues. I use it seamlessly on my iPhone, iPad, Mac, office Windows computer. Whenever I had any questions, Neil (the boss) would always respond very promptly and explain things in plain English (without all the tech speak). When I couldn’t get 12VPN working in my previous workplace, Neil patiently walked me through the process of checking whether it was DNS poisoning and it turned out that the company was blocking the use of VPN (so much for being “an international company”).

Fast and friendly support and best value for money! Unlimited data download for all their plans now!


  • Mobile (don’t be fooled by the name, it works on both mobile and desktop/laptop)
    • $2.49/month
    • The Mobile VPN plan is great for mobile users, travellers and anyone with light Internet needs. It’s not suitable for frequently watching hours of Netflix or other video services.
    • Unlimited data. Download at a speed of 1000Mbps for 5GB, and then 1Mbps thereafter
    • Billed $29.95 for 12 months.
  • Basic
    • Best value
    • $4.08/month
    • The Basic plan is great for anyone with moderate Internet needs. It’s suitable for watching videos, listening to music and most other types of Internet use.
    • Unlimited data. Download at a speed of 8Mbps
    •  Billed $49 for 12 months.
  • Unlimited
    • Top rated
    • $8.25/month
    • Connect to international servers from anywhere in the world. Unlimited data-transfer. Billed $38.85 for 3 months; $59.94 for 6 months; or $99 for 12 months.
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In a nutshell: ExpressVPN provides global servers, and its 30 day money-back guarantee allows users more time to access and assess its service.

Support: Slowest of the three.


  • 12-Month Plan
    • $8.32/month
  • 6-Month Plan
    • $9.99/month
  • 1-Month Plan
    • $12.95/month
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In a nutshell: PandaPow doesn’t work for Linux, only USA & Europe servers, connects using PandaPow app on desktop computers and Android devices.

Support: Friendly support team


  • 12-Month Plan
    • $84/year  ($7/month)
  • 3-Month Plan
    • $24/year  ($8/month)
  • 1-Month Plan
    • $9/month
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