Renewal of Residence Permit in Shanghai

Shanghai Residence Permit

So you’ve got your new Alien Employment Permit and are now ready to renew your Shanghai residence permit. You’re halfway through the annual employment permit/residence permit marathon, with just one more errand to run. This is a guide based on personal experience. Here‘s a link to the official guide.

Documents You Will Need:

  1. Completed Foreigner Visa and Residence Permit Application Form (obtainable at the Exit-Entry Bureau itself), with passport photo
  2. Original Registration Form of Temporary Residence from your district’s police station (派出所)
  3. Copies of your current employer’s valid Business License (营业执照), Organization Code Certificate (组织机构代码证), and Certificate of Approval (批准证书) for foreign-invested enterprises
  4. Application letter from current company (申请公函), with company stamp  *see below for an example
  5. Your newly collected Alien Employment Permit (typically valid for one year), and the Employment Registration Form (1 copy will be returned to you when you collect your Alien Employment Permit if you applied for a new one. If not, ignore this.)
  6. Your passport
  7. Not really a document, but you’d need some money to have your passport couriered to you. Typically 25RMB.

Application Procedure:

  1. Head to the Exit-Entry Bureau at 浦东新区民生路1500号 (1500 Minsheng Road, Pudong New District), from 9:00-17:00 Monday-Saturday, walkable distance from the Shanghai Science & Technology Station (Metro Line 2) with your application material. The foreigners’ application is on the 3rd floor.
  2. After getting a queue number, proceed to fill out the Foreigner Visa and Residence Permit Application Form while waiting
  3. If you plan on having your passport couriered to you with the residence permit, purchase an envelope from the counter behind the form-filling counters. This envelope has a courier form where you fill out your address.
  4. When it’s your turn, hand over your application documents and the envelope. You’ll be given a white slip with the date that your passport will be ready, either for you to collect from the Bureau or delivered to your address. It typically takes 5 working days. The amount you have to pay upon collection will also be stated on the white slip. For residence permits of less than a year, it’s 400RMB. Your residence permit validity will be exactly the same as the validity of your Alien Employment Permit.
  5. On the date of collection, if you’re collecting your passport at the Exit-Entry Bureau itself, be sure to bring the white slip and pay at the payment counter on the 1st floor (turn right after entering the main door). If you arranged for the courier to deliver it to your doorstep, be sure to have your cash ready.

*Here’s an example of the application letter from your company (申请公函) that you’ll have to submit:



<name><女士/男士>系<country>国家人,本公司因工作需要,邀请其来公司担任<job title>职务,按出入境法的规,应为其申请工作居留许可。目前根据本公司与其签定的工作合同或交流协议,特为其申请1年有效的工作居留许可。

<company stamp>

<company name>

<date of application>

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