Shanghai Sex Toy Market

Shanghai Sex Toy Market

The Shanghai Sex Toy Market by Suzhou Creek is worth a visit, whether or not you’re a buyer or just plain curious. The market has 4 floors’ worth of products that will enhance your sex life, virility and fertility. The first 3 floors have supplies of Chinese medicinal herbs and other supplements, while the 4th floor exhibits every different kind of adult toy available in stores, and more, because it’s the wholesale sex toy market afterall.

In the maze of sex toys on the 4th floor, you’ll see that the “pharmacists” sit amidst shelves and shelves of colourful sex toys, aloofly knitting away, or calling after their kids(!) who are playing in the corridor. They can describe to you what functions each toy has, whether they’re for front or back entry, and even more explicit details that will raise even the widest of eyes.


天目中路428号, 近乌镇路

Kai Xuan Men Dasha , 428 Tianmu Zhong Road, by Wu Zhen Road.

Closest Metro: Line 1 Xinzha Lu Station
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Alternatively, you could buy sex toys from the comfort of your own home from The V Thing, also wholesale prices with discreet billing and packaging.

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  1. Adult Sex Toys For Less - 25 May 2010

    A very wonderful set of sex toys. Upon looking at the picture of this article, it's like a computer shop that sells usb devices but it's not as I analyzed it very well.

  2. ShanghaiHalfpat - 25 May 2010

    Yeah it does indeed look like USB devices when you have a quick glance

  3. Christian Sex - 18 December 2012

    Is this still in operation?

  4. Rick - 11 January 2013

    I would like to know too, since I would like to take my Chinese girlfriend there when I come back to shanghai

  5. Anwar Murad - 25 February 2013

    May I have exporter or trader contact number. If any have please send me contact number to or skype:- murad-1979

  6. mo - 1 May 2013

    do u have an online store for d sex toys?

  7. Shanghai Halfpat - 1 May 2013

    Hi there, you can try the link I added in the post,

  8. christina - 8 January 2015

    Dear Sir
    I am looking to come to shanghai to meet with whole salers in the sex toy industry to buy large amounts stock in the near future. I was wondering if it would be possible to arrange a face to face meeting with you, closer to the date?
    Yours Sincerely,

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