"Expo 2010"

Armless Haibao

Armless Haibao

An armless Haibao (Expo 2010 mascot) abandoned at a flight of stairs.

Wondering whether it works effectively as an ad for the massage parlour.

Shanghai Bund Reopens

Shanghai’s new Bund was unveiled on 28 March 2010, after almost three years of expansion renovations. The revamp started in April 2007, leaving Shanghai Bund closed, ugly, and causing traffic jams. Tourists who visited Shanghai during renovations probably left with distaste of the Bund. The new Shanghai Bund has wider pedestrian space, which will hopefully accommodate the expected human traffic setting foot in Shanghai for the World Expo come 1 May 2010.

See the Expo 2010 site from Lupu Bridge

Before admission prices to Shanghai’s Lupu Bridge doubles close to or during the Expo, now’s a good time to make a trip to Shanghai’s Lupu Bridge (卢浦大桥). Climbing the arch of the bridge gives you a picturesque view of Shanghai’s busy elevated highways and a panoramic sight of the Shanghai Expo 2010 (still in construction). Most of the Expo pavilions are completed save for a few that may or many not be ready by May 2010.